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Visa To EU

visaIf you are a business owner and/or have managerial experience, we will help you obtain a Schengen Visa, multiple entry, valid for one year and renewable.

As the owner of a company in EU you will be able to demand the visa to help you manage your business in Europe. We will help you set the company up and provide all paperwork.

After the prepayment has been made we prepare the registration documents for you to sign. Once signed, you send them back to us and we register your company and provide all the necessary documents for you to be able to apply for a visa.

It is essential that you have the managerial and/or business experience.

Cost: 2200 Euros, renewal: 1500 Euros per year (plus consular fees).

The process is as follows:

  1. You submit us a readable good copy of your passport and legal address.
  2. We sign the contract and you make the 75% prepayment.
  3. We prepare the documents for you to sign to register your legal entity.
  4. You sign the registration documents and send them back to us by a courrier with your signature notarized by a local notary, in English or Russian.
  5. Once we have formed the legal entity for you, you pay the remaining 25% and you receive the set of documents, with which you should go to the embassy for your visa.
  6. You should have a good copy of your CV at the time of submitting your documents to the embassy.
  7. If you are refused due to our fault we will return the money less 1200 Euros fees.


  1. 75 per cent prepayment. Serious enquiries only.
  2. Normally you will have to apply with the set of documents to a Schengen Embassy  in the country of your residence (to be confirmed- depending on the country where you live). The visa will be issued for one of the Baltic States.
  3. This is business travel visa, not a tourist one. We cannot help with tourist visa.

If you are ready to accept these conditions, please forward a copy of your passport, your CV and your exact address to our email for us to compose the contract and invoice.

You can also send your CV, passport and your address to us by WhatsApp/Viber to +32474433535.